Sides/ Back ONLY with clippers / Scissors


    Scissor Cut


      Flat Top


        Buzz Cut


          Bang Trim


            Senior Flat Top


              Senior Every Day


                Kids Long (Below Shoulders)


                  Senior - Scissor cut


                    Kids 12 & Under


                      Razor / Shaves

                      Shave (Face or Head)


                        Sides/ Back ONLY with Razor


                          Beard Trim


                            Beard Trim / Line up


                              Beard Trim with Razor


                                Razor Fade


                                  Active Civil / Military

                                  $2 off


                                    Mustache & Beard Trim

                                    Mustache and Beard trim offers artful full face hair shaping and edging to suit your hair texture and facial structure. Add a distinctive outline shave for even more definition around your beard or mustache.


                                    Other Specials

                                    See below for current offers.

                                    Active Military/ Civil Servant (requires ID) $2off every day

                                    Our popular All-American Cut at a special price for all active duty military, police, fire and EMS.

                                    Straight A’s