About Us

Applewood Village Barbershop - A Family Tradition

Moving from our previous location at 12625 W 32nd Ave. in Wheat Ridge, we were so fortunate to find our new home, where we are surrounded by businesses that truly support one another.

What distinguishes AVBS from mom and pop barbershops in the area, is that we have been part of the Applewood community for such a long time, and have witnessed its development and growth into such a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, that we call home.

—The AVBS Barbers

Our Shops Rich History - Serving Applewood Since 1954

Jesse Gallegos is the third owner of Applewood Village Barbershop. The first owner, Ray Buttons, started the business in 1954 and owned it for 22 years. He sold it to Gil Sandoval, who owned it for 26 years and then sold it to Jesse in 2002, who has owned it to date.

Jesse had never been to a barbershop until he went into AVBS to get a bad haircut fixed. As soon as he walked through the door, Sandoval stopped cutting hair and said that was the worst flattop that he had ever seen, all the customers laughed. He told him to have a seat and he would fix him right up. Jesse really enjoyed his sense of humor and the atmosphere.

Why We Love Applewood

“Visiting with interesting and diverse customers from all walks of life who come into the shop. Especially when we have three generations come in at the same time to get haircuts. The other day, a grandfather, dad and grandson came in, the dad said he was 47 and remembers getting his first barbershop haircut at Applewood Village when he was 7, which is the same age his son is now.” — Jesse Gallegos, Owner

AVBS Happenings